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Henry J. Cambie (1836-1928) worked as a surveyer and engineer during the 1870s and 1880s.

Born in County Tipperary, Ireland and came to Canada as a boy. He learned railroading and survey while working for the Grant Trunk and Intercontinental Railways. (Source: Sicamous Chamber of Commerce[1])

Between 1876 and 1878 he was in charge of the BC Railway Surveys.

During the construction phase he was the Canadian Government engineer supervising Onderdonk's contract between Emory's Bar and Boston Bar. He was also involved in supervising the construction of the section between Savona and Craigellachie.

He was at Craigellachie on the day of the last spike. He is visible in the famous 'Last Spike' photo.

Explored during:

  • 1874 - Coquihalla and Skagit valleys, led 'Y'
  • 1875 - led 'S' in the Chilcotin Plateau
  • 1876 - was in charge of all the BC Surveys