Conception d'armoire Inspira inc. c. Leduc, 2021 QCCQ 3338


Read full decision. Summary prepared by Alan Macek:

[Small Claims] Alleging that the defendants plagiarized exclusive plans that it designed specifically for them, the plaintiff, hereinafter called Inspira inc., claims loss of profits, management and travel expenses all for a sum of $ 13,947.86. ... These plans are the fruit of the preparatory work carried out by the defendants who put in Ms. Ménard's hands the exact result they wanted to obtain with a list of additional needs that they took the trouble to specify with supporting specific photos, in order to ensure the final product. ... The Court accepts the testimony of the expert appointed in defense, Ms. Lyne Côté, that the cabinets designed by the firm Conception sur Mesure and installed at the Leduc-Normandeau's are not the result of plagiarism of the plans made by Inspira inc. for the kitchen, home theater room and mudroom. (Based on a translation)


Canadian Intellectual Property