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Stanford Fleming (1827 - 1915) was a civil engineer famous for his work on the Canadian Pacific Railway, inventing the concept of Standard Time and as the creator of Canada's first postage stamp.

Before working on the Canadian Pacific Railway, he was Chief Engineer on the government's Intercolonial Railway to the Atlantic provinces. He continued with this job even after taking on the Chief Engineer's job with the CPR.

He was the Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway during the early survey work. (see Surveying) He left the government's service in XXX under severe criticism for time and money spent on the surveys.

He participated in two surveys personally. In 1872, along with George Grant and several others, travelled across the country along the most likely route of the railway. This trip is written up in the book Grant (1873) - Ocean to Ocean. In 1883, Fleming, along with his son did the first traversal of Rogers Pass, to confirm the existance of the pass and its suitability for the railway.

The official reports written in his name in 1872, 1874, 1877, 1879, and 1880 are the definitive statements on the survey results.

He was among the dignitaries present at Craigellachie for the last spike on November 7, 1885.