Railways in Southern British Columbia

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  • CPR reaches British Columbia from the east by end of season
  • Northern Pacific completes mainline (via Sandpoint, Spokane) [Peter]


  • CPR reaches Rogers Pass by end of season


  • November, 7 - Last spike in Eagle Pass, November 7, 1885







  • Spring - C&K completed to Nelson (McCulloch's Wonder, p24)
  • Silver found in Sandon (')
  • Two railroads chartered to build to Nicola that both died. Nicola Valley Railway (backed by CPR) [Spences Bridge to Nicola] and Nicola, Kamloops & Similkameen Coal & Railway Company (indep.) [Kamloops to Nicola to Princton and Osoyoos] (McCulloch's Wonder, p{{{p}}})
  • GN crosses into Canada for first time at New Westminster (McCulloch's Wonder, p146) but blocked from Vancouver by Fraser River


  • Shuswap & Okanagan (S&O) - built from Sicamous to Vernon - only know built before or during 1893 (CPR). (McCulloch's Wonder, p27)
  • N&S receives charter (')



  • October - N&S reaches Three Forks (')




  • June, 16 - Heinz (C&W) fails in merger with VV&E (McCulloch's Wonder, p41)
  • September 23 - Mackenzie & Mann acquire controlling interest in VV&E (McCulloch's Wonder, p45)
  • C&K completed up Slocan Valley to Slocan City (')
  • September - Heinz's C&W connects Trail to Robson West [Peter]


  • February - Heinz sells Rossland, smelter, and half C&W to CPR (McCulloch's Wonder, p42)
  • March 19 - Corbin charters Kettle River Valley Railway in US to connect Boundary with his SF&N but denied Canadian portion (McCulloch's Wonder, p43)
  • June 15 - VV&E (Mann) agrees to build from Miday to Coast, CPR agrees to build from Kootenays only to Midway (McCulloch's Wonder, p47)
  • June 27 - VV&E starts construction at Penticton (McCulloch's Wonder, p47)
  • July 1 - Great Northern obtains control of Corbin's SF&N (McCulloch's Wonder, p44)
  • October 15 - Last spike on CPRs Crows Nest to Kootenay Landing railway built in just over year (McCulloch's Wonder, p44)
  • late - CPR works on C&W (McCulloch's Wonder, p48)





  • March 28 - Dunsmiur announces subsidy award for Kootenay and coast railway (McCulloch's Wonder, p56)
  • May 11 - Midway & Vernon (M&V) (independent) receives provincial charter.(McCulloch's Wonder, p81) Subsidy increased in spring 1902 but no construction yet.
  • May 23 - Kettle River Valley Railway receives federal Charter and Republic & Kettle River (US) by Holland (McCulloch's Wonder, p68)
  • June - Great Northern gains complete control of VV&E (McCulloch's Wonder, p58)
  • July - GN starts construction on Washington & Great Northern (US) north up Kettle River to Canada from Marcus(WA). Also started building from GN mainline to Crowsnest area.(McCulloch's Wonder, p58)
  • July - BC Government commissions Edgar Dewdney to survey Hope Mountains for a railway route (McCulloch's Wonder, p59)
  • August 31 - Construction starts on Kettle River Valley Railway (McCulloch's Wonder, p68)
  • October 28 - KRVR-R&KR receives first locomotive (McCulloch's Wonder, p68)


  • January 2 - KRVR-R&KR reaches Curlew (McCulloch's Wonder, p69)
  • January - GN blocked from Grand Forks by KRVR
  • CPR builds from Nelson to Proctor (McCulloch's Wonder, p256)
  • April 12 - KRVR-R&KR completes Grand Forks to Republic (US) (McCulloch's Wonder, p73)
  • W&GN (GN) completes from Carson (Grand Forks) to Republic (McCulloch's Wonder, p74)
  • June - Dunsmuir charters Vancouver & Coast-Kootenay Railway for BC McLean brothers. (McCulloch's Wonder, p62)
  • June 9 - VV&E comples from Cascade to Carson (south of Grand Forks) (GN) (McCulloch's Wonder, p74)
  • November 9 - GN crosses KRVR tracks into Grand Forks, which KRVR blocks by parking locomotive across (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • November GN completed to Granby Smelter (at Grand Forks) [Peter]
  • Columbia River bridge completed at Robson [Peter]
  • CPR builds Kootenay and Arrowhead from Lardeau to Gerrard [Peter] (The Skyline Limited, p179)
  • late - Tracy Holland resigns as head of Kettle Valley (McCulloch's Wonder, p76)

Note: Kettle River Valley Railway (CDN) and Republic & Kettle River Railway (US) were merged into single entity called Kettle Valley Lines


  • September - Vancouver & Coast-Kootenay Railway starts token construction (McCulloch's Wonder, p63)
  • October - Vancouver & Coast-Kootenay dies
  • William Hamilton Merritt revives charter for Nicola, Kamloops & Similkameen Coal & Railway Company (see 1891)


  • January 1 - Midway & Vernon (independent) starts token construction at Vernon - one man with wheelbarrow to sustain charter(McCulloch's Wonder, p82) built 1/4 of mile over several years


  • Corbin (backed by CP) announces Spokane International to Moyie Lake
  • June 20 - grading starts on Spences Bridge to Nicola railway NK&S (McCulloch's Wonder, p91)
  • July 5 - M&V starts construction from Midway end (under McLean brothers) (McCulloch's Wonder, p83)
  • November - M&V completes grading from Midway to Rock Creek (McCulloch's Wonder, p84) but did not get further. Officially disolved in 1927. (McCulloch's Wonder, p86)
  • November 12 - CPR leases NK&S from Mr. Merritt. CPR talks of connecting it to Midway. (McCulloch's Wonder, p90)
  • November 9 - CPR and GN clash just west of Midway over property rights (McCulloch's Wonder, p102)


  • CPR's Nicola Branch under construction (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • January 8 - NK&S starts laying track at Spences Bridge up Nicola
  • June 16 - Kettle Valley starts slowly building north from Grand Forks (McCulloch's Wonder, p77)
  • October 31 - NK&S approved between Spences Bridge and Coutlee (McCulloch's Wonder, p92)



  • April - J.J. Warren (for KVR) and Shaughnessy (for CPR) discuss joint effort (McCulloch's Wonder, p114)




  • March 10 - Bill passed with subsidy to KVR for Midway to Nicola, under CPR sponsorship, and modify KVR charter to build through Coquihalla (McCulloch's Wonder, p122) also gave Midway&Vernon grade (Grand Forks to Rock Creek) to KVR (McCulloch's Wonder, p127)
  • May 10 - McCulloch appointed chief engineer of KVR (McCulloch's Wonder, p124)
  • July 9 - grading starts at Merritt towards Brookmere (Otter Summitt) (McCulloch's Wonder, p129)
  • October 4 - grading starts at Midway towards Rock Creek, fixing M&V grade (McCulloch's Wonder, p131)
  • December 17 - first track layed at Merritt by KVR (McCulloch's Wonder, p132)
  • February 21 - GN starts tunnel east of Princeton (McCulloch's Wonder, p148), also start building east from Abbotsford
  • end of year - GN to Tulameen (from Princeton) and Hope (from Abbotsford) (McCulloch's Wonder, p149) NOT - see 1911


  • February 8 - KVR tracks to Rock Creek from Midway (McCulloch's Wonder, p133)
  • May 22 - agreement between GN and Canadian Northern Pacific Railway to share trackage between Hope and Sumas (CNPR) (McCulloch's Wonder, p150)
  • July 1 - Construction starts on Kettle Valley Railway at Penticton(McCulloch's Wonder, p64+) purely ceremonial (McCulloch's Wonder, p137)
  • September 29 - KVR reaches Otter Summitt from Merritt (29.4miles) (McCulloch's Wonder, p136)
  • end of year - KVR 15 miles north of Rock Creek (McCulloch's Wonder, p136)
  • end of year - GN track to Coalmont (from Princeton) and only 5 miles from Abbotsford (McCulloch's Wonder, p150)
  • GN builds connection between Oroville and its mainline at Wenatchee (McCulloch's Wonder, p152)



  • spring - Trout Creek Bridge near Summerland under construction (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • April 9 - KVR and GN agree on sharing Coquihalla Pass (McCulloch's Wonder, p160) built by KVR, trackage leased to GN for 999 years. KVR trackage between Otter Summitt and Princeton. Also CPR gets trackage between Midway and Curlew (to bypass Midway to Grand Forks) (McCulloch's Wonder, p161)
  • August - construction starts on Hope to Coquihalla Summitt (McCulloch's Wonder, p160) starting from Hope
  • December - construction starts on Fraser River bridge at Hope (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • late - GN basically gives up on BC railroading, cutting back service, construction up Tulameen (McCulloch's Wonder, p161)



  • April - construction just east of Princton (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • April 23 - Last spike on Midway to Merrit section at Princeton (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+)
  • May 31 - offical opening of the Kettle Valley Railway (McCulloch's Wonder, p64+) trains operating between Summerland and Princeton (McCulloch's Wonder, p96+)
  • September - Slide Creek Bridge (m31.8) Coquihalla Subdivision under construction (McCulloch's Wonder, p96+)
  • December - construction on Coquihalla pass but not completed until 1916 (work restarted in May 1916) (McCulloch's Wonder, p96+)






  • CPR completes railway between Proctor and Kootenay Landing along Kootenay Lake (McCulloch's Wonder, p256)