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There are other sources that I've found referenced or potentially related to this project. The references after the work usually refer to a library call number.

  • History of British Columbia from its earliest discovery to the present time. - Begg Alexander F 5820 B44 1972 (Robarts)
  • Letting of Railway work between Emory and Port Moody, by CPR, CIHM 08340
  • Edgar Dewdney's Speech on the CPR to constituents at Cache Creek, CIHM 24016
  • address to the House of Commons Feb 20, 1879 on locating the line, CIHM 16015
  • Bute Inlet vs Burrard Inlet, CIHM 16263
  • Terminus Debate, CIHM 24188
  • CPR Laggan to Revelstoke, CIHM 16325
  • Report of the Royal Commission on Chinese Immigration, 1885. CIHM 14563 Also available at canadiana.org
  • Inland Sentinel (Yale, Kamloops)
  • BC Gazette AW1 .R6105 KOERNER Microforms
  • Victoria Colonist AW1 .R87 Koerner Microforms
  • CPR West: The Iron Road and the Making of a Nation, Hugh A Dempsey HE2810.C2 C28 1984 (KOERNER)
  • The Romatic History of the Canadian Pacific, Johm Murray Gibbon HE2810.C2 G5 1937 (DAVID LAM)
  • Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives. Omar Lavallee TJ603.4.C22 C35 1985 (MAIN)
  • Railroad History (Journal) (DAVID LAM)
  • The Story of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Keith Morris HE2810.C2 M6 (LAM)
  • Blazing the trail through the Rockies; the story of Walter Moberly and his share in the making of Vancouver, Robinson, Noel - F5832.M6 R6 (Special Collections)
  • Canadian Pacific in the Rockies - 10 volumes HE2810.C2 B35 (Special Collection)
  • Canadian Pacific Railway: Pon Git Cheng - Christine Welldon at VPL and in Chung Collection
  • Canadian Pacific Spanner - 8 per year - starting about 1965 up to 1991 HE2810.C26 C356 (Special Collections)
  • Canadian Railway Development from the earliest times - Norman Thompson HE2807.T45 (Lam)
  • Canadian Railway Stories - 100 years for History and Lore - Adolf Hungry Wolf HE2807.H85 1985 (Education + Special)
  • Delorimier & Angus: the story in pictures, diagrams and text of more than sixty years of steam locomotive building by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company - Lavallee, Omer TJ603.L3 1962 (Main)
  • Pacific Railway Route in BC - Edgar Dewdney (1879) spam16458 (Special)
  • Engine Houses & Turntables on Canadian Railways (1850 - 1950) - Edward Forbes Bush NA6315.C3 B87 1990 (Main)
  • Glimpses along the Canadian Pacific Railway (1890?) FC219.C357 1890z (Special)
  • The Canadian Pacific Railway - Hewson, M. Butt(1880) spam16551 (Special)
  • Some startling facts relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway and the North-West lands - C. Horetzky spam16463 (Special)
  • Canada on the Pacific: being an account of a journey from Edmonton to the Pacific by the Peace River Valley - Charles Horetzky F5804.3.H6 c1 (Special)
  • Several books by Ron Meyer (see VPL)
  • Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit - a tribute to the Chinese who worked on Canada's railroads more than a century ago - FC106.C5 C63 2000 Korner
  • Explorers, soldiers, and statesman; a history of Canada through biography by Karr, William John FC25.K37 1938A (Koerner)
  • Chinese construction workers on the Canadian Pacific by David Lee SPAM418 (Special)
  • Early Explorations in British Columbia for the Canadian Pacific Railway by Howard Palmer spam16555 (special)
  • Returns Relative to the Letting of the Railway Work Between Emory's Bar and Port Moody, B.C., Maclean, Roger & Co Ottawa 1882. Available on microfiche CIHM 8340